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MazzMuse Discography:

2014          MazzMuse: The Band (M Swift)

2011           MazzMuse – Digital Single – “Molten” (M Swift)

2011           MazzMuse – Digital Single – “Melancholy Baby” (M Swift)



Full Discography:

2014          Con Vivo Music – “Modern Dances” (Con Vivo Music)

    2 Featured Compositions:

    Invisible – Dedicated to Trayvon Martin and his Family

    A True Stranger (And I’m Sure She’s Reading My Thoughts)

2012          HEAR in NOW – “HEAR in NOW” (Rudi Records)

2011           Burnt Sugar – “All Ya Needs That Negrocity” (AvantGROIDD)

2011           Brian Carpenter’s Ghost Train Orchestra – “Hothouse Stomp


2010           Anthony Braxton – “Trillium E” Opera (Tricentric)

2010           Budapest Bar – “Zene” (Sony Hungary)

2010           Howard Fishman – “Better Get Right” (Monkey Farm Records)

2010           Howard Fishman – “No Further Instructions” (Monkey Farm Records)

2010           Howard Fishman – “The World Will Be Different

    (Monkey Farm Records)

2009           MadLove – “White With Foam” (Ipecac Records)

2009           Burnt Sugar – “Making Love to the Dark Ages” (LiveWired)

2008           Brazz Tree EP – “Strings” – Songs for Strings, Guitar and Vocals (BT Music, Inc.)

2007           Brazz Tree – “Spiral On” (BT Music, Inc.)

2007           Howard Fishman CD/DVD – “Howard Fishman Performs Bob Dylan

    & the Band’s ‘Basement Tapes’ Live at Joe’s Pub

    (Monkey Farm Productions)

2007           William Parker Double Quartet – “Alphaville Suite” (RogueArt)

2007           William Parker – “Double Sunrise Over Neptune” (AUM Fidelity)

2006           Burnt Sugar

    “More Than Posthuman – Rise of the Mojosexual Cotillion


2005           Brazz Tree – “…Quest…” (BT Music, Inc.)

2005           Burnt Sugar

    “If you Can’t Dazzle Them With Your Brilliance,

    Then Baffle Them With Your Blisluth” (TruGROID)

2005           Howard Fishman – “Look At All This” (Monkey Farm)

2004           Burnt Sugar – “Not April in Paris; Live from Banlieus Bleus” (TruGROID)

2003           Burnt Sugar

    “The Rites: Conductions Inspired By Stravinsky’s

    Le Sacre Du Printemps” (TruGROID/AvantGROID)

2002           The Yohimbe Brothers – “Front End Lifter” (Ropeadope/Atlantic)