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Solo MazzMuse

Where it all began…

In her music, Mazz employs a technique called live looping to create songs and compositions in the spur of the moment. Many of the MazzMuse Band songs you hear today come from her early experimentations with loopers and electronics, and she still does live looping in her performances, solo and band.


The  MazzMuse project came about during an interesting time: Mazz had just disbanded Brazz Tree and had also recently acquired a looping pedal. Looking for a way to make music on her own terms, she turned to the looper for creative fodder. During this time, she was deeply in love, in a committed relationship, but was also profoundly troubled.  She found herself writing songs that it took her years to understand the meaning of.


But the meaning was there and as Mazz began to perform these songs as a solo artist, they (the songs) began to demand more full expression. She felt the looper could only take her so far. The band was formed in 2012.


Solo MazzMuse singles “Molten” and “Melancholy Baby” are available for sale at the MazzMuse Store.


MazzMuse: The Band

The four-piece rock band that is known as MazzMuse… 

A Short Band Biography
MazzMuse, The Band was assembled in 2012 to realize in band format the music Mazz had been performing in her solo project “Solo MazzMuse”.


The Music:

The music, born of a queer, self described “recovering christian” woman, who as a person of color explored and expressed freely her love of classical and jazz music, while secretly nurturing a love of rock, metal, punk, pop and electronica, this music is a sonic contradiction – a cognitive dissonance that by the pure fact of its existence, compels a cathartic experience for its performers and audience alike.  It is the freedom of Rock and the depth of Soul, brought together with the precision of a classical sensibility.

A Wall of Sound That Breathes also known as Prog Soul.


The CD:

On December 15, 2014, The MazzMuse Band explodes on the scene with their eponymous debut CD, produced by rock legend Vernon Reid of Living Colour. 12 powerful tracks including songs of love, devotion, frustration, confusion and victory through self-empowerment; two blazing instrumentals; and two covers of songs written by a couple of Mazz’s sheroes: PJ Harvey and Annie Lennox.



The Band:
Mazz, on her 6-string electric violin and voice, belts out her music and is fortified by the people most call her band mates, but who she calls her allies:

Alex Nolan on electric guitar, Dan Paccione on electric bass and LaFrae Sci on drums – All mega-powerhouses as individuals and unstoppable as the MazzMuse Band.


MazzMuse Trio

The semi-acoustic trio comprised of Mazz Swift, Alex Nolan on electric and acoustic guitars and LaFrae Sci on percussion. Music from Solo MazzMuse and MazzMuse The Band, reimagined for a more intimate setting